“Tube Talk” – Prison Break, Archer, & Preacher

“Tube Talk” – Prison Break, Archer, & Preacher 

In this “Tube Talk” episode, Matt & Joel discuss the restart of the show Prison Break (S5E1), then Joel shares his thoughts on the show Archer. Matt then breaks down his initial thoughts on the show Preacher.

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New trailer for ‘Legion’

Looks like we are finally getting a little bit of plot for the upcoming Marvel/FX series, Legion. Until now the marketing has been pretty vague, but with this new trailer release, we are getting real glimpses of actual story elements.

For those unversed in the lore/canon of ‘Legion’. it takes place within the XMEN universe. On top of that, Dan Stevens character is the son of the well known mutant Charles Xavier. That’s right folks, he is the son of Professor X.  And similar to the thoughts of Wade Wilson, we aren’t sure if it’s Stewart or McAvoy, these timelines are so confusing.