Ep. 56 – Bright, & The Shape of Water

Ep. 56 – Bright, & The Shape of Water

In this episode, Joel & Matt provide their reviews for the films Bright, & The Shape of Water.

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Here’s the trailer for the new Will Smith/ Netflix original film, ‘Bright’

If you would have told me 5-10 years ago that Will Smith would be starring in a movie that would be released exclusively on a streaming service, I would have told you that you were crazy.  (reasonably so)

Times have changed since then… We are in a digital revolution where streaming and binge-ing is slowly taking over the market. It truly is incredible to see films and television series released on a streaming service be nominated for and even win awards! (Oscars/Golden Globes/etc.)

The new trailer for the original Film, ‘Bright’, debuted last night. It stars Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and Noomi Rapace. It was directed by Fury’s David Ayer and was written by the one and only Max Landis.

The star power and talent in this, straight to Netflix, release is incredible and I think it only bodes well for the future of the streaming service giant.

The description for the film is as follows,“Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for. “