Donald Glover and James Earl Jones join the cast of The Lion King

It looks like Disney is keeping a lot of their upcoming projects “in the family”. Disney owns LucasFilm who has always had James Earl Jones at their side voicing Darth Vader. More recently they’ve cast Donald Glover as a younger version of Lando in the upcoming Star Wars spin off Han Solo film.

With the success of the recent live action Jungle Book, Disney has decided to give the classic Lion King the same treatment. ┬áIt’s pretty great that they’ve decided to bring James Earl Jones back to voice Mufasa again but also pretty great they’ve decided to have Donald Glover be Simba. (I’m guessing JTT was just too busy to take on the role of Simba again)

I think this is great casting and I’m excited to see what Jon Favreau has up his sleeves for this live action adaptation.


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