The Final Trailer for Stranger Things season 2 is Here…Happy Friday the 13th!!

It’s Friday the 13th, and we now have our final trailer for Stranger Things season 2 before its eagerly awaited Netflix binge-worthy release on October 27th!

I was lucky enough to see the trailer release in July at San Diego Comic-Con, and since then, I’ve been a mixed bag of eagerly awaiting the show’s release or trying to not think about it to make the wait go quicker.

From all that we’ve been seeing and reading, we know that we can expect more nostalgia and bigger monsters in the upcoming season. Based on this new trailer, there’s that and a lot more. The showrunners have discussed how they’ve drawn their inspiration for this season from the big 1980s sequels, such as Aliens or Terminator 2, and this trailer shows that they have amped up the action and stakes this time around.

In it, we get some more time with Eleven and see a bit more of what she might be up to this season (beyond retrieving Eggo waffles left behind by Hopper), as well as a ton more glimpses of the big new creature/monster that will be running amok throughout this season, most likely — and I seriously want to know what that thing is! First I thought some sort of spider, now it almost looks like some sort of shadow or mist with a mind of it’s own!

We also get a lot more time with Will. It’s pretty apparent that the effects of the Upside Down world haven’t quite left him in a good state and he’s now taken to seeing many different things. It seems that everyone will sooner or later realize this and they will need to rally around him to help save him and confront this growing darkness from the other world.

Oh yeah, and for those that are into that whole “shipping” sort of thing, it appears Nancy and Jonathan will be spending more time together. At this point, it’s looking like poor Steve may be spending more time with his spiked bat (Lucille 2.0) this season, overall.


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Stranger Things – Season 2  releasing Oct. 27th

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