Ep. 75 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ep. 75 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

In this episode, Matt & Joel review the film Solo: A Star Wars Story.


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The Han Solo, Star Wars spin off film, loses it’s directors halfway through filming

Both Lucasfilm and Lord/Miller cite “Creative Differences”. REALLY?!

This is kind of a big deal guys… (This is not a normal thing)

What does this mean for the film? What creative differences are so bad that they had to leave in the middle of the film making process? Who will direct from here on out? There are so many questions…

If there is anything that I’ve learned as of late, it’s is that the brain trust behind Lucasfilm is brilliant. Kathleen and Co. are probably already in meetings with who they want to step in to finish the project.


Lucas Film gives us a new glimpse of The Young Han Solo cast in a new photo!

The Disney marketing machine has been around for a while and they know a thing or two about keeping people engaged in their upcoming projects. Today they released a new image highlighting the cast for the new Star Wars spin off based on the adventures of a young Han Solo.

Seeing everybody together finally is exciting! There is a wonderful team behind and in front of the camera for this one, so here’s to hoping they bring us a magical experience in a galaxy far away next year!