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Matt and Joel are here to give you their review and reaction to ‘Coco’ directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina. Watch along as Matt and Joel discuss this new release from Disney’s Pixar and iif it’s worth checking out. The Reel Review team offers their thoughts on the story, visuals, production, and cinematography. Be sure to visit and subscribe to The Reel Review YouTube Channel for additional Movie, trailers, TV reactions/reviews.

Also, tune in weekly to The Reel Review Podcast, where Matt Hay and Joel Cunningham breakdown and review the latest films and TV episodes.

Matt tends to be the more feeling, introspective, and potentially emotionally unstable when he watches film and television. Joel on the other hand tends to be more critical, analytical, and potentially more negative when it comes to his movie going experiences.

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“The Reel Review podcast is where you get some of the latest happenings reel thoughts and perspectives in the world of film and television”

The first ‘Deadpool 2’ poster is here!

When it comes to marketing, the first Deadpool film was second to none. As we start our ramp up to Deadpool 2, I would expect nothing less than the  exemplary marketing to continue.

We’ve already seen the still images of Cable and the hilarious phone booth segment released before Logan, now we have a poster!

This poster brings the whole gang together for the holidays, teases more shenanigans,  and offers foreshadowing for the clever marketing to come.

What do you think??!!

Deadpool 2 poster on the reel review podcast Home for the holidays
Deadpool 2 poster

“Coming Soon” & News – Get Out, Collide, & Rock Dog

“Coming Soon” & News – Get Out, Collide, & Rock Dog

In this “Coming Soon” episode, Joel & Matt discuss the releases for the films Get Out, Collide, & Rock Dog coming out on February 24th.

Then they discuss some news including more Matt Reeves Batman news (UPDATE: now back in talks), The Scarface (2018) remake with the Coen Bros & director Peter Berg, a potential director for Suicide Squad 2, and some casting news for the live-action version of The Lion King, being directed by Jon Favreau.

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The Reel Review Podcast is where you get the some of the latest happenings, reel thoughts, and perspectives in the world of film and television and all from a fan vs. critic perspective.